Japan, Music

A Different Creative Outlet?

As I have written before, I am absolutely hopeless at sticking to a writing schedule. Well, that’s not strictly true as my job involves a great deal of writing but just not the creative kind. Perhaps there’s not enough going on in my life to have something to say every single day? In fact, I would suggest that much of the content that you see in blogs or on social media is rather drab commentary on life…but I shouldn’t criticise as at least people have more commitment than me!

However, in search of another creative outlet, I came across something called BandLab which is a fairly basic online music-creating tool. It’s free and has a rather nifty AI interface to get you going. I have to say that I have had a great deal of fun messing around with this and think that I have come up with some tracks that, at least to my untrained ear, sound passable.

Here’s one of my favourites called Neon Lights of Tokyo inspired, perhaps not surprisingly, by nights out in the Japanese capital city in the late 1990s. Hope you enjoy it!


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